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Jackie Greene Live at River Street Jazz Cafe on 2010-07-28

Set 1:

01 I Don't Live In A Dream
02 Medicine
03 Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
04 Gone Wanderin'
05 Animal
06 A Moment of Temporary Color
07 Spooky Tina
08 I'm So Gone
09 New Speedway Boogie
10 Stranger In Sand

Set 2:

01 Grindstone
02 Shaken
03 Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right
04 Shakey Ground
05 Till The Light Comes
06 Closer To You
07 Hollywood>
08 Tomorrow Never Knows>
09 Taxman>
10 Tomorrow Never Knows
11 Scarlet Begonias
12 Like A Ball And Chain
13 encore break
14 Sugaree*
15 Long As I Can See The Light*

*w/Mike Mizwinski

Collection JackieGreene
Band/Artist Jackie Greene
Venue River Street Jazz Cafe
Location Plains, PA

Source ceiling mounted Schoeps MK4V's/Lunatec V2>SD744t


Jackie Greene
River Street Jazz Cafe
Plains, PA
July 28, 2010

ceiling mounted Schoeps MK4V's/Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 744t
SD744t>Sound Forge Pro 10 (Fades,iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV>FLAC


Reviewer: SleepyJohn - - February 2, 2014
Subject: Wow
This recording is amazingly clean. Very nice!
Reviewer: August 9 West - - September 2, 2012
Subject: Great show.
This is a remarkable recording of an extraordinary performace by Jackie and his band. Thanks to Jackie, RSJC, Keith, and Archive.
Reviewer: JackStrawandUncleSam - - August 3, 2011
Subject: One Year Ago
A little over a year ago, and this is still a Jackie Greene stand-out show. The first set really gets into a nice groove, right out of the gate. Early examples are I Don't Live in a Dream, Gone Wanderin', and Animal. But, it is New Speedway that really kicks things into high gear. In fact, I recall thinking at the time that it would be a set closer, it was such a raucous and rowdy version, complete with audience sing-a-long... "One Way Or Another, This Darkness Has Got To Give". Stranger in the Stand is, however, a nice cool down to send us into the set break.

Set Two only gets better. Highlights include an outrageous, Tell Me Mama, with Jackie showing his chops on Organ. A very soulful and raunchy version, to say the least. Things really start to take off with Hollywood > Taxman > Tomorrow Never Knows. Scarlet is a fine surprise that keeps all of us in the audience jumping and dancing. Next up, Ball and Chain. It brings down the house. What an incredible reading of this, now, Jackie classic. And could have very well been the highlight of the night. Sugaree is an outstanding penultimate encore, with a ridiculous solo by local great, Mike Miz. Jackie again lays down some nice grooves on organ and adds some beautiful texture and color to the smoking encore. We get sent home with a gorgeous and mellow, Long As I Can See the Light.

A night I won't soon forget and I'm so happy that I can relive it here on, as often as I would like.
Reviewer: JAS0506 - - March 7, 2011
Subject: Spectacular
Wow! Recording = Amazing. Show = Epic.
Reviewer: Bridge72 - - December 27, 2010
Subject: Jackie Greene
This recording is able to capture the incredible performance and energy from that night at the River Street Jazz Cafe. Outstanding show!
Reviewer: Cheyne - - November 3, 2010
Subject: Fantastic show and amazing recording!
Wow what a great recording and show this is!! Unbelievable sound and the band was on fire. Thanks so much, had this on heavy rotate for the last few months!
Reviewer: dogtear5 - - October 12, 2010
This was and EXCELLENT show!!!!! It was up close and personal w/ Jackie and his band. In addition, this recording is one of the BEST!!! Jackie, you're welcome back to Northeastern PA anytime... you blew the doors off the River Street Jazz Cafe' and the roof off the Red Roof Inn!!! Many thanks to Tom for somehow booking Jackie Greene Band. LATERS
Reviewer: Row Jimmy 9 - - August 21, 2010
Subject: Even Better
My apologies for reviewing this show twice, but it is just so good that I cannot stop listening to it. The more I listen to it, the better it gets. A truly legendary performance and recording!
Reviewer: Dire Dave - - August 2, 2010
Subject: Great Show
Thanks Keith for the excellent show and wonderful recording!!
Reviewer: Taperpat - - July 31, 2010
Subject: Jackie
This is an outstanding recording--one of the best I have heard and it matches a passionate performance by Jackie--strongly recommended.
Reviewer: pjkovie - - July 30, 2010
Subject: Yet Another Great Show
At the RSJC! To the delight of the many music fans in Northeast Pa., there are many great musicians that pass through the doors of the Jazz Cafe. This is another perfect example. Opening act "MIZ" was a fitting kick-off to such a great evening of highly gifted artists expressing their craft. This was one of the best shows that I have seen at the Jazz and there have been many to choose from.
Download this show! It's worth the time and you won't be disappointed.
Also - Thanks to Keith for getting this show up so quickly. Great work by all involved!
Reviewer: Kamalajams - - July 30, 2010
Subject: 10 STAR RECORDING!!!!!!!!!!
I'd be willing to take a blind bet that you can't find a better non-soundboard JGB recording than what Keith has captured here!

FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE at thee best and most intimate small club in Northeastern PA!!
Went in expecting a good show and what we got was greatness!
Throw in some MIZ who played an absolutely jaw dropping opening set, not to mention Mikey joining the stage with JGB to close the night out absolutely killin' it on guitar!
Can't say enough about this show - what a great night at The Jazz.

Thanks Keith for another stellar recording.

Thanks to Jackie Green and Band for going off-road and stopping by.
and thank you Jackie for being such a down-to-earth guy and hanging with the crowd after the show - you really made a lot of people happy Wednesday night :)

Mike Mizwinski and his band "MiZ" opened:
Reviewer: vwdeadhead - - July 30, 2010
Subject: Great Recording!!!!
Nice Job Keith, as usual man Top Notch!!!!

Thanks for getting this for those of us now out of state!!!
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Jackie Greene
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Jackie Greene
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Jackie Greene
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Jackie Greene
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Jackie Greene
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Source: ceiling mounted Schoeps MK4V's/Lunatec V2>SD744t